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What Were The Significant People And Events Who Affected New Mexico During Its Spanish Colonial Period?

What was the main goal of the Spanish colonists during the "Great Missionary Period"?
a) To find cities of gold
b) To convert the Native Americans to Christianity
c) To build large cities
d) To find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean

Which of the following is NOT true about Spanish missions in New Mexico?
a) They tried to be self-sufficient, growing their own food, making their own tools, etc.
b) Native Americans lived, worked, and worshiped in the missions.
c) Spanish soldiers often lived at a mission to protect it from attack.
d) Native Americans were never punished for disobeying the mission priests.

Which of the following officials was the top religious leader of Spanish New Mexico?
a) The custodio
b) The royal governor
c) The alcalde mayor
d) The cabildo

What do we call the system in which Spanish settlers were assigned a group of natives to protect in return for their labor and tribute?
a) The cabildo system
b) The encomienda system
c) The republica system
d) The alcades mayores

Which of the following was NOT one cause of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680?
a) Drought caused starvation and discontent in the Pueblos.
b) The Spanish cracked down on the Pueblos' native religion, punishing some of their religious leaders.
c) The Apaches and Navajos stopped raiding the Pueblos, so the Pueblos had enough food.
d) Spanish rule was weakened by conflict between religious and political leaders.

Who was Po'pay?
a) A Pueblo leader who unified the pueblos and organized the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.
b) A Pueblo leader who tried to convince his people not to revolt.
c) A Spanish leader who fought back savagely against the Pueblo Revolt.
d) The first Pueblo warrior to die in the Pueblo Revolt.

What happened in the Pueblo Revolt?
a) The Spanish soldiers defeated the Pueblo warriors and punished them harshly.
b) After over 400 Spanish settlers died, the survivors fled the region and did not return for 12 years.
c) The Pueblo warriors killed every last Spanish settler in the colony.
d) The revolt was unsuccessful; Po'pay was never able to unify the pueblos.

Who led Spanish soldiers and colonists back into New Mexico to reconquer the territory in 1692?
a) Juan de Onate
b) Po'pay
c) Diego de Vargas
d) Francisco Coronado

What new town was founded on the banks of the Rio Grande, south of Santa Fe, in 1706?
a) Albuquerque
b) Gallup
c) Las Cruces
d) Santa Cruz de la Canada

During the 1700s, Spanish settlements in New Mexico were threatened by all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Native American raids
b) A second large-scale Pueblo Revolt, even bigger than the revolt of 1680
c) French traders trying to break into the New Mexico trade routes
d) American explorers trespassing on Spanish land

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