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The correct symbol for the SI unit of temperature is _______.
a) C
b) F
c) K
d) s

The unit of momentum is _________.
a) kg x m
b) kg x m/s
c) kg x m/s2
d) m/s2

Energy from the sun travels to the earth as _________.
a) chemical energy
b) combustion
c) radiant energy
d) mechanical energy

Three examples of physical change are _____________.
a) boiling of water, bursting of a balloon, and crumpling a piece of paper
b) burning of gasoline, rotting of an egg, and exploding fireworks
c) freezing of water, evaporation of gasoline, and rusting a nail
d) sawing of wood, crushing a can, and toasting a marshmallow

Matter that has a definite volume and definite shape is a __________.
a) gas
b) liquid
c) plasma
d) solid

Matter in which the particles are free to move in all directions until they have spread evenly throughout their container is a _______.
a) gas
b) liquid
c) solid
d) plasma

The law of __________________ states that energy in a system can change forms but can never be created or destroyed.
a) conservation of energy
b) construction of energy
c) conversion of energy
d) consecration of energy

Changes in matter can be of a chemical or physical nature. Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a) melting ice cream
b) boiling a pot of water
c) cooking an egg
d) freezing carbon monoxide

Most matter ___________ when heated.
a) condenses
b) contracts
c) expands
d) solidifies

As a sample of matter is heated, its particles __________.
a) are unaffected
b) move more quickly
c) move more slowly
d) stop moving

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