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A scientist identifies a new species of plant that reproduces asexually. Which of the choices below is false?
a) the plant\'s offspring share all of the parent\'s traits
b) the plant\'s offspring look the same as the parent plant
c) the plant\'s offspring will display a wide range of traits
d) the plant\'s offspring will have all of the parent\'s genes

A tree and a bear are organisms with very different cellular structures. Which of the following choices is not a similarity between the two organisms?
a) both reproduce
b) both have chloroplasts
c) both are many-celled
d) both have organelles

Homo sapiens is the scientific name for humans. Which two levels of classification does the name represent?
a) order and family
b) domain and kingdom
c) genus and species
d) phylum and class

What is the purpose of biological classification?
a) to know where every organism lives
b) to communicate with scientists in other fields of science
c) to keep proper count of all organisms that have lived
d) to identify relationships between species

How has the microscope contributed to making classification more detailed?
a) the microscope has given scientists a new way of looking at old observations
b) to use a microscope, scientists must only use specifics when classifying organisms
c) a microscope\'s complexity has led scientists to think that nature is also very complex
d) because of the microscope, scientists classify organisms strictly by their cell type

While researching a report on rosebushes, snails, and bacteria, Katy realizes that each of the organisms shares which common structural unit?
a) cell
b) organ
c) nucleus
d) chlorophyll

A plant that grows will often grow toward a light source. What is the name for this process?
a) gravitropism
b) hydrotropism
c) phototropism
d) thermotropism

Why do fossils of organisms usually show hard features, such as shells?
a) animals always are eaten as soon as they die
b) hard parts like bones and teeth fossilize, but soft material decays
c) at the time when most fossils formed, all animals had hard shells
d) the other parts of the fossil are not useful and they are thrown away

___________________ are the remains of life from an earlier time.
a) sedimentary rocks
b) fossils
c) variations
d) limestones

The theory that living things come only from nonliving things is called ______________.
a) biogenesis
b) adaptation
c) homeostasis
d) spontaneous generation

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