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Specific sources of pollution that can be identified are called
a) point sources.
b) nonpoint sources.
c) runoff.
d) sewage.

Which of the following is NOT a major source of freshwater pollution?
a) human and animal wastes
b) industrial wastes
c) wetlands
d) agricultural chemicals

Energy that is stored and waiting to be used is
a) kinetic energy.
b) potential energy.
c) electrical energy.
d) mechanical energy.

When the floodgates open, the potential energy of the water behind the dam is changed into
a) kinetic energy.
b) stored energy.
c) chemical energy.
d) gravitational energy.

Pesticides are most likely to be found in runoff from
a) roads.
b) farm fields.
c) homes.
d) factories.

An agricultural pollutant that increases the growth of algae in a lake is a
a) hardness.
b) concentration.
c) pesticide.
d) fertelizer.

A pipe spilling chemicals from a factory into a river is an example of a
a) nonpoint source of pollution.
b) point souce of pollution.
c) hydroelectric power.
d) water hardness.

The wastewater and wastes in it that are produced in homes are called
a) flocs.
b) industrial wastes.
c) sewage.
d) pesticides.

A water shortage occurs when the demand for water is
a) less than the supply.
b) more than the supply.
c) the same amount as the supply.
d) not impacted by the supply.

The addition of any substance to water that has a negative effect on living things is called
a) hardness.
b) flocs.
c) sewage.
d) pollution.

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