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Deciduous means
a) Hardwood trees that lose there leaves in the fall
b) Hard would trees that grow there leaves in the fall
c) Oak trees that sprout there leaves in the summer
d) Oak would trees that sprout there leaves in the spring

Village green / common
a) A field where cows mate
b) A park like a pasture shared by ONLY villagers
c) A park like pasture shared by different people
d) A place where people come to celebrate

Meeting house
a) A house where people agree on savory
b) A small house on a side of a church that is used to discuss religious worship
c) A place where only white people are allowed to go ( slavory times)
d) A unhappy place where there is no fun

a) Volunteers who enroll for military drill attacks
b) People who race on horses
c) Animal abuse
d) Savory

a) A awesome mall
b) A place where they sell cod fish
c) Land that has been used
d) To trade goods without money provided

a) A place that ships belongs to all less wealthy people
b) To bring goods from a foreign country for use , sale and services
c) A sad home
d) Abductions

a) To teach kids
b) To bring a letter to ur friend across the street
c) To ship goods to other country\\\'s
d) To learn

Roger Williams
a) Had unpopular ideas about religious freedom but ended up in 1636 he began a colony of providence w
b) A unlucky person
c) A person from the 1900\'s
d) Which soon became RH ^^^^^^^

Anne Hutchinson
a) Left New England to have the right of religious beliefs and freedom
b) Was sadly injured
c) To risk a journey across the seas
d) To start a new world

Thomas hooker
a) Awesome guy
b) A Puritan leader who founded the colony of CT after discussing with Puritan leaders of MA
c) Swam across the ocean to save 4356 people
d) Had a role in freeing slaves

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