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What ages do children have to attend school?
a) 3-10
b) They don\'t have to go to school.
c) 8-18
d) 6-15

Which continent is Greece in?
a) North America
b) Europe
c) Asia
d) South America

A product(s) that comes from Greece are
a) olives
b) grapes
c) tomatoes
d) All are products from Greece.

What is the capital of Greece?
a) Washington, DC
b) Crete
c) Athens
d) Harrisburg

What form of government does Greece have?
a) parliamentary republic
b) republic
c) parliamentary
d) socialism

Who has the most power in the Greek government?
a) King
b) Prime Minister
c) President
d) Queen

What colors are the Greek flag?
a) blue and white
b) green and purple
c) blue and red
d) red and white

About how far away is Greece from Pennsylvania?
a) 5 miles
b) 5,000,000 miles
c) 5,000 miles
d) 500 miles

What is the Greek word for parliament?
a) Tzatziki
b) None of the answers are correct.
c) Nefos
d) Vouli

Greek homes are made of
a) stone.
b) all of the choices
c) clay.
d) brick.

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