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President ________________________________ was forced from office by the Watergate scandal.
a) Jimmy Carter
b) Richard Nixon
c) Lydon Johnson
d) Bill Clinton

In 1962, the Soviet Union stationed missiles in Cuba, instigating the _____________________________________________________________________.
a) Bay of Pigs Invasion
b) Rosenberg Trial
c) Building of the Berlin Wall
d) Cuban Missile Crisis

Containment of _________________________________________ was a guiding principle of American foreign policy throughout the Cold War.
a) Communism
b) Republicanism
c) Capitalism
d) Democracy

This country was divided into East and West after WWII.
a) Soviet Union
b) China
c) Germany
d) Japan

policy of “________________________________” was to withdrew American troops from the Vietnam War .
a) Attrition
b) Retaliation
c) Communization
d) Vietnamization

The Korean War ended in a _______________________________________
a) Slaughter
b) Loss
c) Victory
d) Stalemate

The US tried to help former Cubans to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro at the:
a) Cold War
b) Bay of Pigs
c) Warsaw Pact
d) Nato invasion

The Cold War was basically a __________________________________ between the US and Soviet Union.
a) Competition
b) Alliance
c) Love Affair
d) Friendship

Who led a communist revolution that took over Cuba in the late 1950s.
a) Alger Hiss
b) John Kennedy
c) Richard Nixon
d) Fidel Castro

The Cold War lasted from the end of ____________________________________ until the collapse of the Soviet Union.
a) World War II
b) Civil War
c) Spanish-American War
d) Korean War

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