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A ___ credit inquiry has an impact on your credit record.
a) hard
b) public
c) lien
d) soft

The FICO score was created by ___.
a) Fair Isaac Corp.
b) Fair Income Corp.
c) Fair Ingrid Corp.
d) Fair Ivan Corp.

The ____ Act protects consumers' rights by giving access to information on credit reports and allowing you to correct errors.
a) Fair Credit Reporting
b) Fair & Accurate Credit Transactions
c) Fair Debt Collection
d) Equal Credit Opportunity

The ____ Act makes it possible to get a free credit report from all three credit bureaus once a year.
a) Fair & Accurate Credit Transactions
b) Fair Debt Collection
c) Equal Credit Opportunity
d) None of these

The first tier in prioritizing bills is ____.
a) pay yourself--10% for emergencies
b) rent
c) utilities
d) food

The ___ works under the FTC and protects consumers from unfair business practices, deception, and fraud.
a) Bureau of Consumer Protection
b) Bureau of Collection
c) Equal Credit Opportunity Bureau
d) None of these

The ___ protects consumers from abusive debt collection practices.
a) Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
b) Bureau of Consumer Protection
c) Equal Opportunity Credit Act
d) Bureau of Collection Practices

The two most important types of bankruptcy for individuals are ___.
a) Chapters 7 and 13
b) Chapters 7 and 12
c) Chapters 8 and 12
d) Chapters 8 and 13

When filing for bankruptcy, some property might be considered as exempt, which of the following is not exempt?
a) vacation home
b) modest car
c) work-related tools
d) basic household furnishings

If a party in a lawsuit has no attorney, they are said to be ____.
a) pro se litigant
b) pro se bono
c) pro bono
d) pro litigant

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