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Find the volume of a rectangular pyramid if the height is 13 m and the base sides are 12 m and 15 m.
a) 2,340 meters cubed
b) 780 meters cubed
c) 882 meters cubed
d) 750 meters cubed

The radius of a cone is 19.4 cm and its height is 24 cm. Find the volume of the cone to the nearest tenth.
a) 9,454.2 cm cubed
b) 3,010.9 cm cubed
c) 9032.6 cm cubed
d) 28,362.5 cm cubed

The candle is 8 in. tall and has a base with a diameter of 3 in. Find the volume of a finished candle to the nearest tenth of a unit.
a) 113 inches cubed
b) 226.1 inches cubed
c) 72 inches cubed
d) Volume = 56.5 inches cubed

American building bricks are rectangular blocks with the standard dimensions of about 5.7 cm by 9.5 cm by 20.3 cm. What is the volume of a brick to the nearest tenth of a unit?
a) 1,099.2 cm squared
b) 549.6 cm cubed
c) 1,099.2 cm cubed
d) 549.6 squared

Find the surface area to the nearest tenth of a unit of a rectangular prism with height 15 m and sides 14 m and 13 m.
a) 964 meters squared
b) 992 meters squared
c) 2,730 meters squared
d) 1,174 meters squared

Find the surface area to the nearest tenth of a unit of a cylinder 61.7 ft tall that has a diameter of 38 ft.
a) 9,629.1 meters squared
b) 2,705.6 meters squared
c) 141,465.8 meters squared
d) 9,629.1 meters

A cone has a diameter of 12 ft and a slant height of 20 ft. What is the surface area of the cone?
a) 1205.76 ft squared
b) 489.8 ft squared
c) 2,373.84 ft squared
d) 226.08 ft squared

If a model of the Great Pyramid were built with a base side of 7.7 cm and slant height 6.2 cm, what would be the surface area of the model to the nearest tenth of a unit?
a) 154.8 cm squared
b) 250.25
c) 220.6
d) 154.8 cm cubed

Find the surface area of a bowling ball with a diameter 110 m.
a) 9,499 mm squared
b) 37,994 mm squared
c) 22,834 mm squared
d) 151,976 mm squared

Find the Volume of a basketball with a radius 9 cm
a) 339.1
b) 381.5
c) 3,052.08 cm cubed
d) 1,716.8 cm cubed

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