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Review Of Terms And Concepts Associated With Controlled Experiments And Graphs.

In a graph showing temperature change of a material over time, temperature change is the __________.
a) dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) variable with the largest range
d) variable with the smallest range

The best type of graph to use to show how some fixed quantity is broken down into parts is _________.
a) bar graph
b) line graph
c) circle graph
d) scatter graph

A standard for comparison that helps to ensure that the experimental result is caused by the condition being tested is the ________.
a) constant
b) control
c) dependent variable
d) hypothesis

A factor in an experiment that changes from the manipulation of the independent variable is the _____________.
a) constant
b) control
c) dependent variable
d) hypothesis

An organized process used to gather information and test a hypothesis is a(n) ____________.
a) problem
b) experiment
c) exercise
d) constant

Scientific hypotheses are proved or disproved through controlled scientific experiments. Which of these questions could NOT be answered through a proper scientific experiment?
a) How many calories are in a banana?
b) Are canines happier with a male or female owner?
c) Do beans grow faster in saltwater or freshwater?
d) Are sports drinks healthier to drink than water when exercising?

What does the motto "don't take anyone's word for it" say about the scientific approach?
a) a theory that has been around for centuries will never be disproved
b) claims must be tested before they are accepted
c) observations are generally unimportant in making scientific knowledge
d) science derives its authority mostly from belief

The process of gathering information through the senses is called ___________.
a) analysis
b) hypothesis
c) observation
d) inference

In an experiment to determine whether the popping of popcorn is affected by the temperature at which it is stored, counting the popped kernels is an example of a(n) ______________
a) conclusion
b) control
c) hypothesis
d) observation

An explanation of an event that is based on repeated observations and experiments is a ____________.
a) hypothesis
b) problem
c) theory
d) scientific law

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