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The spreading of ideas form one culture to another
a) Cultural crawl
b) Cultural diffusion
c) Social Diffusion
d) Social Spreading

People who fight on horeseback in the Middle Ages
a) Kings
b) Serfs
c) Vassals
d) Knights

A strict code of conduct followed by Knights in Europe
a) Bushido
b) code of Konduct
c) Gentlemans agreement
d) Chilvary

People who lived on the lord's manor but did not own the land and if he sold the land they went with it.
a) Damsels
b) Knight
c) Serfs
d) Pages

A system where peasants worked the lords manon in exhange for his protection and the abilty to farm some of the land for themselves,
a) Landright system
b) Lord and Knight system
c) Manor system
d) Feual Sharecropper system

A disease that kill 25% of Europe, it came as aresult of fleas on the back of rats that came onships trading with Europe.
a) Measles
b) Killer Tide
c) Black Death,Bubonic Plague
d) Mumps

A long series of wars fought between European Christians and Muslims for control of the Holy land.
a) Crusades
b) Spanish Inquistition
c) Holy War
d) 100 years War

What are the lasting result of the Crusades?
a) exploration and the devlopment of Spice farms in England
b) The Holy land was freed of Muslim control
c) Ideas were exchanged and the demand for silk and spices encouarged exploration
d) The Muslims took Vast Areas of land from the Christians

The person who promises his loyalty and protection in exchange for land
a) Lord
b) King
c) Vassal or Knights
d) Serf

A person that grants land to another in exchage for loyalty and protection.
a) Lord
b) Vassal
c) Fife
d) Knight

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