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The leading force of the Middle Ages
a) kings
b) Knights
c) The Church
d) lords

King of the Franks known for building schools, uniting Europe and spreading Christianty.
a) Clovis
b) Charles Martel
c) Charlemagne
d) Willim of Orange

Which is not another name for the Middle Ages
a) Dark Ages
b) Medieval Ages
c) New Age

The Middle Ages marked a struggle for power between what two groups
a) Knights and Lords
b) King and Popes
c) Lords and Popes
d) Knights and serfs

The head of the Catholic Church
a) Bishops
b) Pope
c) Priest
d) Lay people

The Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
a) Rome
b) Constantinople
c) Naples
d) Cornith

The Capital of the Western Roman Empire
a) Rome
b) Byanthium
c) Constantinople
d) Istanbul

This event marked the beginning of the period of time known as the Middle Ages
a) The fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 A.D.
b) The fall of the Eastern Roman Empire
c) The Death of Julius Caesar
d) The conquest of Alexander the Great

What is another name for the Eastern Roman Empire?
a) The Western Holy Roman Empire
b) The Great Empire
c) Byzantine Empire
d) The Eastern Orthodox Empire

A system based on loyalty of one man to another that came about due to inability of kings to protect their people.
a) Federalism
b) Calvinism
c) Feudalism
d) Bushido

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