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Which constituted the Roman Empire at its height?
a) Parts of Asia, Africa,Europe and the Mediterranean
b) Parts of Europe Africa and Asia
c) Only Europe
d) Only Africa and Asia

A stadium like structure built by the Romans where gladiator fights were held.
a) Circus Maximus
b) Colosseum
c) Ampitheather
d) Cornith

Above ground channels used to carry water from their source to Rome.
a) Circus Maximus
b) Colosseum
c) Aqueducts
d) Catacombs

The Romans were very famous road builders. The most famous Roman Road was:
a) Appian Way
b) Blue Jay Way
c) Rome 101
d) Roman Highway 1

The Roman emperor that converted to christianty and made it the official religion of hte Roman empire.
a) Nero
b) Julius Caesar
c) Constantine
d) Augustus Caesar

The Romans called the Greek God Zeus what?
a) Zeus
b) Jupiter
c) Apollo
d) RA

True or false: The Romans worshipped many of the same Gods as the Greeks but gave them different names
a) True
b) False

Type of government created by the Romans that had people elect represenatives to vote for them
a) Direct Democracy
b) Totalitarian Dictatorship
c) Republic
d) Autocracy

Languages that developed from the Latin Language including French, Spainish and Italian
a) Romance Languages
b) Latin Languages
c) Roman Languages
d) Italian Languages

What did Rome do to govern its empire when it became too big
a) Split into two empires the Eastern and the Western Empire
b) Abandoned the Western Empire and just kept the Eastern
c) Gave the Eastern Empire to the Goths
d) Elected a second Caesar tohelp run it

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