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When a force causes a change in the position of an object, it is true that which of the following has also taken place?
a) Energy has been taken away.
b) Energy has been stored.
c) Energy has been transferred.
d) Energy has been created.

________ is the ability to do work.
a) Energy
b) Force
c) Newtons
d) Gravity

Which of the following is NOT an example of work being done on an object?
a) A mover pulls a large box to the other side of the room.
b) A girl holds the grocery bag for her father.
c) Students move their desks into groups.
d) A boy pushes the lawn mower across the yard.

In order for work to be done on an object, what requirement has to be met?
a) Force is applied.
b) Energy is used.
c) Force moves the object.
d) The object is carried.

If an object is too heavy to move up a ramp, the best way to fix the problem?
a) Increase the elevation of the ramp.
b) Increase the friction of the ramp.
c) Increase the length of the ramp.
d) Increase the steepness of the ramp.

Simple machines do which of the following?
a) Reduce the amount of work needed to move the object.
b) Reduce the amount of force required to move the object.
c) Reduce the mass of the object to be moved.
d) Reduce the distance the object is moved.

Which of these could be considered an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder?
a) axe
b) ramp
c) screw
d) crane

Hugh used a ramp to load boxes on a truck. For the work he had to do, the ramp decreased
a) the force he had to apply.
b) the height he had to travel.
c) the distance he had to travel.
d) the time it took to pack the boxes.

Which simple machine would allow a person to lift a heavy weight by pulling down on a rope?
a) wedge
b) lever
c) inclined plane
d) pulley

Marcus is going to use the claw end of the hammer to pull a large nail out of a board. Which hammer will help him do this take with the least effort?
a) one with a short handle and a large claw
b) one with a short handle and a short claw
c) one with a long handle and a large claw
d) the amount of effort does not change with hammer design

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