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According to the Preamble of the Consitution, one of the purposes the US Constitution is to
a) declare independence
b) establish equality
c) provide for the common defense
d) impose taxes

A group of Kentucky's citizens gather in Frankfort to protest against budget cuts. Their right to do this is protected by the First Amendment right to freedom of?
a) speech
b) religion
c) press
d) assembly

Which of the following led to the western settler's reliance on barbed wire?
a) Lack of timber
b) Lack of animals
c) Harsh weather
d) Native Americans

Phil buys a large screen TV. It cost $3000. Phil pays for it using his credit card. In addition to the $3000 he borrowed, Phil will have to pay the credit card company
a) credit
b) interest
c) supply
d) demand

Which if the following is a basic principle of democracy?
a) Collective ownership
b) legal immunity
c) freedom from responsibility
d) equal treatment before the law

Which physical feature offered a pass through the Appalachains used by Kentucky settlers?
a) the Kyber Pass
b) the Cumberland Gap
c) The Salkantay Pass
d) The Matheson Gap

When the economy expands and unemployment is high, it usually means a period of
a) economic boom
b) economic bust
c) economic contraction
d) economic depression

The internet is an example of which of the following?
a) Advancement in communication
b) Industrialization's impact on production
c) International trade
d) Urbanization

The Kentucky Supreme Court is part of what branch of government?
a) Federal Judicial
b) Federal Legislative
c) State Judicial
d) State Executive

The Louisiana Purchase increased the__________________land available to US citizens. It, therefore, decreased the price of land.
a) demand for
b) quality of
c) hilliness of
d) supply of

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