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A scientist interested in the climate is most likely to study which of the following subjects
a) Dinosaur bones
b) ceremonial headdresses
c) rainfall checks
d) animanl tracks

Southerners tend to grow tobacco and rice as cash crops. Later, they discovered they could make money growing cotton. This is an example of
a) early settlers cooperating with Native Americans
b) colonight modifing their environment
c) settlers learning to live without arable land
d) colonist adapting to their environment

Private businesses help the economy by providing
a) labor for consumers
b) entrepreneurs for government
c) income for workers
d) loans to banks

Europe relieved on the colonies for
a) protection
b) independance
c) religion
d) resources

Why were the 13 original British colonies located along the Atlantic coast?
a) it was the location most accessible to arriving colonist
b) the coast was west of the Appalachian Mountains
c) they were located along the Mississippi River
d) Great Britain won the territory from France during the French and Indian War

BobCo and JonCo are both companies that make bolts. Each of these companies wants StoreCo to buys its product. Which of the following best descibes the interaction between the two?
a) Cooperation
b) Consensus
c) Collaboration
d) Competition

When is the best time for a consumer to buy goods
a) When prices are high
b) When prices are low
c) When supply is low
d) When unemployment is hight

President Donald Trump serves as the head of
a) Tennessee's government
b) the US executive branch
c) the US legislative branch
d) the US judicial branch

Which region of the United States tends to have flat, fertile farmland and often has tornados
a) Southeast
b) Northeast
c) Midwest
d) Northwest

Brian lives in Atlanta, GA. He stands on the street corner and preaches against the war in Iraq. He wears a shirt that says
a) First Amendment Right
b) Second Amendment Right
c) Ninteenth Amendment Right
d) Twelfth Amendment Right

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