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What influence did the Greeks have on the Romans
a) Very little they were enemies
b) Some in the area of Language
c) They also had Philosophers who modled themselves after the Greeks.
d) The Greeks influenced the Romans greatly in Language, art,government, philosphy and other areas

What is the most lasting influence of Alexander the Great.
a) The spread of Greek culture
b) The Defeat of the Persians
c) His empire exist today
d) Europe speaks Greek in all their countires.

The Greek God of the sea
a) Poseidon
b) Hades
c) Hermes
d) Zeus

An important Macedonian ruler who conquered much of the known world. He conquered the Persians. He made it all the way to India.
a) Phillip II of Macedonia
b) Darius
c) Xerxes
d) Alexander the Great

The Greek God of the Underworld
a) The Devil
b) Hermes
c) Hades
d) Apollo

The Greek King of the Gods
a) Apollo
b) Hermes
c) Dionesus
d) Zeus

The Greek Goddess that was Zeus'. Wife she was the Goddess of the homefire
a) Hestia
b) Hera
c) Poseidion
d) Neptune

The Greeks believed that their God lived where
a) In the Cikty State of Olympus
b) On Mount Olympus
c) In Corinth
d) In Athens

Greek City stte that appreciated Art, Beauty and culture Theycreated democracy,valued education and made many achievement in arts,literature, science and math.
a) Sparta
b) Athens
c) Corscica
d) Cornith

Greek city state that was Military like state.
a) Sparta
b) Athens
c) Olympus
d) Cornith

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