Ecology And Natural Selection Question Preview (ID: 13602)

Review Of Terms And Concepts Associated With Ecology And Natural Selection.

What is the most important role of earthworms, pill bugs, and bacteria in an ecosystem?
a) to serve as a major food source for large animals
b) to withstand extreme temperature and drought conditions
c) to return dead plant and animal nutrients to the soil
d) to convert the Sun's energy into stored energy

If an environment where a population of lizards lives becomes much hotter and drier, how might the lizard population in this area continue to survive?
a) some members of the lizard population will choose to store extra water in the fat in their tails
b) those lizards that can survive on less water will survive and pass on that trait to their offspring
c) a few lizards will decide to change their sleeping and hunting habits and become nocturnal
d) the entire lizard population will migrate to a cooler and wetter habitat

A lioness has three cubs and one is smaller than the other two and does not get as much to eat during feeding. Why are the larger more likely to reproduce than the smaller one?
a) they are more likely to survive
b) they will have more mates to choose from
c) their mother will ensure they reproduce
d) their size is similar to other lions within the pride

What type of diagram shows the available energy at each feeding level in an environment?
a) a food web
b) an energy pyramid
c) a food chain
d) a predator/prey diagram

Animals that feed on small bits of decaying organisms are called ____________.
a) herbivores
b) carnivores
c) omnivores
d) detrivores

What abiotic factor is necessary for reptiles to regulate body heat?
a) carbon dioxide
b) food
c) precipitation
d) sunlight

A wildfire burns away all of the grass in an ecosystem. Which of the following explains the effects this will have on the other organisms within the ecosystem?
a) only grass eaters will be affected because their food source is gone
b) only grass eaters and predators that eat these animals will be affected
c) only the grass will be affected by the wildfire
d) all organisms at each energy level within the ecosystem will be affected

Due to changes in resources, a typically rainy ecosystem becomes a dry, sunny environment. How will the plant and animal population change?
a) all organisms will remain the same
b) organisms that adapt to the new weather will thrive
c) all organisms will adapt ways to protect themselves from heat
d) any organisms in the environment during the change will move or die

Which of the following is a biotic factor?
a) sunlight
b) climate
c) worms
d) water

Which of the following is not a producer?
a) pine tree
b) tulip
c) honey bee
d) grass

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