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A key characteristic of nationalism is
a) a flag
b) a shared culture
c) a president
d) a supply of weapons

What is associated with romanticism?
a) the political importance of the working class
b) impressions of the moment
c) mass distribution of books
d) wild emotions and feelings

What is a characteristic of impressionism?
a) creation of mental pictures
b) reformist ideas
c) folk traditions
d) realist views of life

What artistic style would accurately display the oppressive working conditions of Latin Americans under Spanish control?
a) romanticism
b) impressionism
c) realism
d) Gothic horror

How were the unifications of Italy and Germany similar?
a) Both involved a war with France.
b) Both took over territory controlled by the Catholic Church.
c) Both used military force to unify various territories.
d) Both unified into an empire.

Who would have likely been a radical in the 1800s?
a) a nobleman who is related to his country's king
b) a prosperous land owner who owns less than 10,000 acres
c) a wealthy business man who wants to give his country's parliament more power
d) a poor student who has read extensively about democracy

By 1871 there was a shift in power in Europe, which nation changed?
a) Prussia became Germany.
b) Italy replaced Prussia.
c) Germany replaced France.
d) Britain replaced Germany.

Camillo di Cavour expanded Piedmont-Sardinia's power and also
a) conquered part of France.
b) unified Italy.
c) took control of Venetia.
d) unified Germany.

How successful were the Revolutions of 1830 and 1848?
a) Very successful -each revolutionary group achieved its goal.
b) Only the Greek Revolution was successful.
c) The liberals won in the Ottoman Empire.
d) None achieved their goals.

In Latin America during the early 1800s, which of the following probably belonged to the Creole class?
a) a governor of a Spanish colony
b) a colonel in the Spanish colonial army
c) an enslaved person working on a plantation
d) a person who never had a formal education

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