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Kelly owes the government seven hundred dollars in taxes. She pays the government the money she owes. She is
a) obeying the seventh amendment
b) protecting herself from double jeopardy
c) having her civil rights violated
d) fulfilling a civic role

The 13 stripes on the US flag represent
a) the current number of states
b) the number of articles in the US Constitution
c) the number of British kings prior to independance
d) the number of colonies

The south's reliance on cotton led to which of the following?
a) Slavery's crucial role in the South's economy
b) Southern landowners hiring more immigrants to harvest their cotton crops
c) Southern landowners relying less on labor and more on machines
d) Southern factories producing more textiles than northern factories

Which of the following is an example of cultural diffusion?
a) Native Americans moving to reservations
b) The 19th amendment giving women the right to vote
c) US soliders fighting in World War II
d) Italian immigrants bringing their customs to the United States

Natural gas, copper ore, and hardwood timber are all examples of:
a) natural resources
b) renewable resources
c) human resources
d) limitless resources

The money workers recieve for thier labor is called
a) taxes
b) income/wage
c) price
d) monetary policy

Which national holiday is meant to honor those who died in American Wars?
a) Independance Day
b) Labor Day
c) Memorial Day
d) Arbor Day

During slavery, African American slaves often used songs as a source of hope and as a way to communicate. This is an example of which of the following?
a) Communication technology
b) Geographical impact on culture
c) Music's impact on culture
d) Music's impact on religion

Voluntary exchange tends to help
a) sellers
b) buyers
c) neither sellers or buyers
d) both sellers and buyers

Which situation will MOST likely require conflict resolution?
a) Phil and Lisa will go to the football game on Friday night
b) Monica and Sylvia both want the same book to use for their report
c) David and Alonzo are both disappointed that the movie was sold out
d) Christine agrees to go to her aunt's with her parents

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