4th 21 Lesson Journeys Question Preview (ID: 13599)

The World According To Humphrey. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

spring Last spring, Carlos planted vegetables in his garden.
a) a season of the year
b) to bend by force
c) to leap into the air
d) a small steam of water

stall Ira put the horse in the stall.
a) a small area of a barn
b) to cause to stop running
c) a place that has a shower
d) to get stuck in mud or snow

pet Ron\'s pet is a cat named Ollie.
a) an animal kept by a person
b) a teacher's favorite student
c) a person who is loved
d) to stroke

figure Lily drew a figure on the chalkboard and told the class it was a square.
a) shape
b) number
c) person
d) value

a) quickly
b) loud
c) present
d) am grateful for

a) am grateful for
b) loud
c) quickly
d) active at night

a) active at night
b) loud
c) quickly
d) am grateful for

a) loud
b) quickly
c) active at night
d) am grateful for

a) present
b) loud
c) quickly
d) am grateful for

cover Mom put the cover on the baby to keep him warm.
a) a blanket
b) a lid or top
c) to pass over
d) to hide from view

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