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An organism whose cells have nuclei, rigid cell walls, and no chlorophyll and that belong to the kingdom Fungi
a) fungi
b) spore
c) hypha
d) protist

A nonreproductive filament of a fungus
a) mycelium
b) lichen
c) hypha
d) fungus

The mass of fungal filaments, or hyphae, that forms the body of a fungus
a) hypha
b) mycelium
c) spore
d) lichen

A reproductive cell or multicellular structure that is resistant to stressful environmental conditions and that can develop into an adult without fusing with another cell
a) hyphae
b) mycelium
c) mold
d) spore

A fungus that looks like wool or cotton
a) mold
b) fungus
c) spore
d) smut

A mass of fungal and algal cells that grow together in a symbiotic relationship and that are usually found on rocks or trees
a) mold
b) lichen
c) spore
d) fungus

Bread mold is an example of a(n)
a) sac fungi
b) threadlike fungi
c) club fungi
d) imperfect fungi

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a fungus?
a) They absorb nutrients from dead organisms
b) They are eukaryotic
c) Most are multi-celled
d) They have chlorophyll

Did you kill a fungus if you kicked down a mushroom?
a) Yes, the mushroom is the entire fungus.
b) Yes, the mushroom is the heart of the fungus.
c) No, the mushroom is only the reproductive structure of the fungus.
d) No, fungi are invincible.

Where do lichens get their water and minerals?
a) By roots in the soil
b) By taking it from dead organisms
c) By taking it from the air
d) By a straw and a multivitamin.

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