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Eukaryotic organisms that convert the sun\'s energy into food through photosynthesis but that do not have roots, stems, or leaves
a) fungus
b) phytoplankton
c) algae
d) protists

The microscopic, photosynthetic organisms that float near the surface of marine or fresh water
a) phytoplankton
b) decomposers
c) fungi
d) algae

A whiplike strand that allows a protist to move is called a(n)
a) cilia
b) flagella
c) pseudopodia
d) amoeba

What does pseudopodia mean?
a) false face
b) true legs
c) false feet
d) true feet

Which is not a group of protists?
a) producers
b) heterotrophs that can\'t move
c) heterotrophs that can move
d) heterotrophs that make their own food

Which group does a slime mold belong to?
a) producers
b) heterotrophs that cannot move
c) heterotrophs that can move
d) heterotrophs that make their own food

What gives algae their color?
a) chlorophyll
b) none of the above
c) both chlorophyll and pigments
d) pigments

Tiny, hairlike structures that allow a protist to move are called
a) cilia
b) hairs
c) whips
d) flagella

Small reproductive cells covered by a thick cell wall are called
a) molds
b) seeds
c) spores
d) fungi

Which is not a color of algae discussed in the text?
a) blue
b) brown
c) red
d) green

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