Science 7th Atmosphere Question Preview (ID: 13594)

Vocabulary Words.

means outer or outside
a) exo
b) peri
c) endo
d) aero

a form of oxygen that has three oxygen atoms in each molecule instead of two
a) ozone
b) altitude
c) aero
d) air pressure

the condition of Earth\'s atmosphere at a particular time and place
a) weather
b) atmosphere
c) alittude
d) climate

needing air or oxygen
a) aero
b) aqua
c) peri
d) exo

elevation above sea level
a) altitude
b) weather
c) ozone
d) atmosphere

the process by which heat is trapped in the atmosphere by gases that form a \
a) greenhouse effect
b) ozone
c) coriolis effect
d) greenhouse gases

gases in the atmosphere that trap energy
a) greenhouse gases
b) coriolis effect
c) water vapor
d) greenhouse effect

the change that Earth\'s rotation causes in the motion of objects and that explains how winds curve
a) coriolis effect
b) greenhouse gases
c) altitude
d) greenhoue effect

means shaped like a ball
a) sphere
b) pod
c) zoo
d) pod

water in the form of a gas
a) water vapor
b) weather
c) aero
d) pressure

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