Microscopes Question Preview (ID: 13592)

Parts And Function.

The two places lenses can be found
a) Ocular and objectives
b) Ocular and diaphragm
c) Objectives and stage
d) Ocular and eyepiece

The structure that controls the amount of light that enters the objective is the____
a) the diaphragm
b) the stage
c) the mirror
d) the light

The place where the slide is placed
a) stage
b) body tube
c) ocular
d) objectives

The two places you place your hand when carrying the microscope
a) arm and base
b) arm and stage
c) base and diaphragm
d) base and stage

The structure that holds the objectives
a) nosepiece
b) earpiece
c) arm
d) body tube

The structure that directs the light to the ocular
a) body tube
b) stage
c) eyepiece
d) nosepiece

The structure that helps focus the image
a) adjustment knob
b) the arm
c) the clips
d) the body tube

An example of a simple microscope is
a) a magnifying glass
b) a window
c) a optical microscope
d) a light microscope

Microscopes make objects
a) appear bigger
b) bigger
c) larger
d) smaller

What objective should you use first?
a) low power
b) high power
c) no power
d) it doesn't matter

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