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The long term weather pattern of an area is...
a) temperature
b) climate
c) precipitation
d) weather

The two factors that determine an areas climate are...
a) altitude and precipitation
b) altitude and latitude
c) latitude and temperature
d) temperature and precipitation

Which of the following is considered a climate zone?
a) tropical
b) all of the above
c) polar
d) temperate

Why are areas around the equater wamer than other areas?
a) The Earth is tilted that way
b) The Earth rotates that way
c) It\'s closer to the sun
d) The suns rays hit more directly along the equator

What causes the Earth\'s seasons?
a) The tilt of the Earth on its axis
b) The gravitational pull of the moon
c) The rotation of the Earth around the sun
d) The rotation of the Earth

When the rainshadow effect occurs...
a) both sides of the mountain get equal amounts of rain
b) the side of the mountain not facing the wind gets the rain
c) the side of the mountain facing the wind gets the rain
d) both sides of the mountain do not get any rain

Which of the following has the biggest impact on an area's climate?
a) altitude
b) latitude
c) longitude
d) All of these

This is a freebie...pick A
a) Good job
b) No
c) No
d) NO

Yep...another freebie...pick B
a) No
b) Yeah!
c) No
d) No

Give your brain a break...pick C!
a) No
b) No
c) Pick me!
d) No

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