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What are scientists able to determine when they combine evidence from fossils and body structures?
a) the evolutionary relationships among species
b) what bones the animal had in its hind legs
c) the contents of its stomach
d) if an animal had gills during early development

The giraffe's neck has adapted to its environment. In what way does this help it survive?
a) helps it tolerate warm temperatures
b) helps it run faster
c) helps it hide from predators
d) helps it reach food high in trees

When using relative dating, the oldest organism is usually
a) found near the top
b) has the fewest genetic variations
c) is the furthest below the soil
d) has the largest amount of remains

What method is used to determine the age of fossils?
a) variation
b) radioactive dating
c) DNA analysis
d) natural selection

The dodo bird was flightless and became extinct after the 1600\'s. What environmental changes most likely led to its extinction?
a) pollution from factories poisoning its water
b) the island it lived on was destroyed by a storm
c) a new species of bird was introduced
d) destruction of forest, which was its habitat

What scientist's theory of evolution is accepted in the scientific community today?
a) Mendel
b) Watson
c) Franklin
d) Darwin

The different beaks Darwin observed in the finches were probably NOT caused by...
a) the finches' adaptations to the environment
b) asexual reproduction
c) variations in the genetic code
d) genetic mutations

change in a genetic code
a) mutation
b) recessive trait
c) extinction
d) dominant trait

Suppose fossil records showed that tortoises had two heads but they don't now. This is an example of what?
a) extinction
b) variation
c) evolution
d) DNA analysis

If an area that has black peppered moth has a lot of coal pollution, the number of black moths should ___
a) increase because predators have a harder time seeing them
b) decrease because predators can see them
c) stay the same
d) equal the spotted peppered moth

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