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Who said
a) President John F. Kennedy
b) Josef Stalin
c) President Nixon
d) President Reagan

This person was sentenced to a Siberian labor camp, and later wrote books about the horrors of the Soviet system that shocked the world.
a) Andrei Sakharov
b) Lech Walesa
c) Alexander Solzhenitsyn
d) Pope Wojtyla

This person was a physicist that initially helped develop atomic weapons, but later campaigned for disarmement & human rights in the communist world.
a) Lech Walesa
b) Alexander Solzhenitsyn
c) Ronald Reagan
d) Andrei Sakharov

The ____________ recognized the Soviet Union’s control in Eastern Europe,
a) Monroe Doctrine
b) Prague Spring
c) Berlin Wall
d) Helenski Accords

The arrest of ________ dramatized just how little freedom of speech there was in communist nations.
a) The
b) Vaclav Havel
c) Nationalist Muslim rebels
d) Josef Wojtyla

People began to refer to Russians involvement in ______ as the Soviet Union's Vietnam.
a) North Korea
b) Iran
c) Iraq
d) Afghanistan

Jozef Wojyla is also known as _________________
a) King Wojyla of Afghanistan
b) El Duce of the Soviet Union
c) Pope John Paul II
d) Lech Walesa

Pope John Paul II is important because:
a) He said God had given them the right to worship & communism shouldn't take away freedom to worship.
b) He successfully persuaded the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall.
c) He successfully persuaded Afghanistan officials not to atheize the people.
d) None of the above - he's not even mentioned in this week's lessons.

Lech Walesa was a union ogranizer who said

This person felt detente had done nothing but allow communism to grow.
a) President Reagan
b) President Carter
c) Margaret Thatcher
d) President Nixon

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