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Which two issues played the GREATEST roles in causing the Civil War?
a) Manifest Destiny and Indian Removal
b) The Missouri Compromise and the California Gold Rush
c) State's Rights and Slavery
d) The election of James K. Polk and the Northwest Ordinance

Which of these inventions resulted in Southern farmers buying slaves in record numbers?
a) the cotton gin
b) cotton mills
c) the mechanical reaper
d) the spinning jenny

Which segment of the American population would have been MOST opposed to the Tariff of 1828?
a) The Freedmen, who were hurt by high rates of unemployment due to the tariff.
b) Southerners who were forced to pay higher prices on goods the region did not produce.
c) Western settlers who saw the threat that the tariff posed to their efforts at industrialization.
d) Northerners who would experience increased industrial growth because of a decrease in British import

The Georgia Platform succeeded in saving the Union from collapse by;
a) balancing the number of slave states with the number of free states.
b) threatening a Civil War if the North decided to secede from the Union.
c) quieting radicals who wanted to secede after the Compromise of 1850.
d) establishing the guidelines for the creation of the Compromise of 1850.

The site of the biggest and bloodiest Civil War battles in Georgia was;
a) Andersonville
b) Atlanta
c) Chattanooga
d) Chickamauga

What role did Alexander Stephens fulfill following Georgia's secession from the Union?
a) Rebublican
b) cooperationist
c) vice president of the Confederacy
d) Leader of the Georgia state convention

One purpose of General William T. Sherman's "March to the Sea" was to;
a) prove that he was the most skilled Union general
b) break the spirits of Confederate citizens
c) find ships to sail his soldiers to the North
d) allow troops under his command to get rest

Which of these BEST describes the significance of the Emancipation Proclamation?
a) It allowed slavery to remain unaltered in states who already used slave labor
b) The President publicly endorsed the abolition of slavery in southern states.
c) Former slaves were afforded the right to join the war effort.
d) It immediately freed the slaves throughout the country.

Which BEST describes a result of the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case?
a) A slave had the right to sue for freedom in a federal court.
b) A slave was only a citizen after he or she purchased freedom.
c) A slave was not a citizen but rather the property of an owner.
d) A slave who lived on free soil for any length of time was free.

Which event was the immediate cause of South Carolina's secession from the Union in 1860?
a) the Missouri Compromise
b) the Kansas-Nebraska Act
c) the firing on Ft. Sumter
d) the election of Abraham Lincoln

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