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black Americans' struggle to gain equality
a) civil rights movement
b) watergate
c) Jim Crow Laws
d) Balfour Declaration

laws that segregated blacks from whites in public
a) Jim Crow Laws
b) civil rights movement
c) Truman Doctrine
d) watergate

policy that gives economic aid to countries fighting
a) Truman Doctrine
b) watergate
c) Balfour Declaration
d) civil rights movement

promise from the British that the Jews could settle in Palestine
a) Balfour Decloration
b) watergate
c) Jim Crow Laws
d) civil rights movement

an investigation into a break-in of the Democratic Party National Headquarters
a) Watergate
b) Jim Crow laws
c) Balfour
d) Truman Doctrine

the unfair treatment of a group or an individual
a) discrimination
b) impeach
c) pardon
d) amnesty

a pardon for offenses against the government
a) amnesty
b) assassinate
c) pardon
d) impeach

to forgive a crime
a) pardon
b) discrimination
c) amnesty
d) impeach

to murder, especially someone of political importance
a) assassinate
b) amnasty
c) pardon
d) impeach

to accuse a governmental official of a crime
a) impeach
b) pardon
c) amnasty
d) assassinate

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