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A male staff member tells a female, “What a sexy top you have on today!” This is considered
a) Complimentary
b) Workplace violence
c) Sexual harassment
d) Diagnostic

Which is the most professional behavior for an interview?
a) Wear pleasant-smelling perfume
b) Explain why you did not like your previous job
c) Keep clothing, hair, jewelry, and nails conservative
d) Take a friend with you

Which is NOT effective behavior in applying for a job?
a) Ask references in advance if you can use them as a reference
b) Dress professionally
c) Politely ask if you can borrow the employer's pen and phone book
d) Thoroughly list previous experience & skills

When you decide to resign from your job you should
a) Avoid mentioning it to your supervisor
b) Have a friend tell your employer
c) When you are ready to quit, don't show up for work
d) Give at least a 2 week notice

Which behavior is most effective in working with others?
a) Be willing to help others
b) Criticize co-workers
c) Tell patients about your problems
d) Excessive absences

One strategy in problem solving includes
a) Brainstorming
b) Try the first approach that comes to mind
c) Always do whatever another person did in a similar situation
d) Avoid the issue

The least effective strategy in conflict resolution would be
a) Be careful of your body language
b) Avoiding the issue
c) Focus on the issue, not the person
d) Clarify the issue

Coming up with as many ideas as possible, without yet discarding ideas, is called
a) Conflict
b) Confusing
c) Brainstorming
d) Editing

Which displays positive behavior?
a) CNA who is cheerful
b) CNA who is slow answering a call light
c) CNA who is rough with a resident
d) CNA who is rude

Which is NOT a strategy in organizing your time?
a) Avoid thinking ahead
b) Lay out clothes the night before
c) Make lunch ahead of time
d) Keep items in a familiar location

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