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How does the Sargeism,Don't ever believe your lying eyes until you see it on paper apply to this chapter?
a) Darnell Dixon gave Bo's family two day's notice but the court paper said 30 days.
b) Chester X conning Sarge into believeing he had a lot of money.
c) Sarge turning in receipts to Social Services for clothing she had returned.
d) Luther's teacher told him he received an A on his test but had written a B on the paper.

Based upon what we have learned about Bo and his family so far, we can infer that
a) Bo had been working to support the family and the uniform was his only set of clothing.
b) Bo is lazy and that is why the family was evicted.
c) KeeKee is older than Bo and also works after school.
d) The mother has abandoned them and they must support themselves.

According to Darnell, Bo's family was not too ghetto because
a) They had matching stands and the house was not a mess.
b) They had a car that ran.
c) They wore nice clothing.
d) They had food in the refrigerator.

On the refrigerator at Bo's house Luther found
a) KeeKee's school papers and certificates for good grades and behavior.
b) A list of complaints against the Sarge.
c) Dirt and grease.
d) Bugs crawling on it.

What did Luther do with KeeKee's things?
a) He took them with him instead of throwing them away.
b) He put them in the garbage.
c) He wrote nasty things on them.
d) He took them to school to give them to Bo.

How was KeeKee's picture of My Family different from the way she really lived?
a) It had smoke coming out of the chimney, green grass and flowers.
b) It was a picture of a huge house with a picket fence around it.
c) It had a dog and children playing in the yard.
d) The picture had a big house, two cars and Bo, KeeKee and the mother smiling.

What made Bo and his family different from most others that have been evicted?
a) They weren't lying. They really were dong the best they could with what they had.
b) They were trying to con Sarge into letting them stay for free.
c) They offered to work for Sarge in exchange for rent.
d) They destroyed the house.

How did KeeKee describe Bo in her poem?
a) As someone who care if she is hungry, smart, hard worker and studies a lot.
b) A beatnik.
c) A thug.
d) A person who keeps everything for himself and doesn't care about anyone else.

What happened when Sparky and Luther began cleaning out one of Sarge's homes?
a) A huge rat with a huge sore and puss oozing out fell out of a box.
b) They found a lof of roaches crawling around.
c) They found cat litter eveywhere.
d) They found worms in rotten food that had been left in the refrigerator.

Luther met with Sarge eveyday after school so she could
a) brief him on inspections, complaints, visitations, and clients..
b) ask him about his day at school.
c) give him his allowance.
d) encourage him to do his best on the job.

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