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when a narrator reflects on something from the past they are using
a) hyperbole
b) figurative language
c) foreshadowing
d) flashback

when we use language to exaggerate something we are using a/n
a) simile
b) hyperbole
c) metaphor
d) figurative language

when we can see, taste, smell, feel or hear the language, it's considered
a) imagery
b) diction
c) metaphor
d) simile

dramatic irony is found in _____________ only
a) novels
b) short fiction
c) dramatic works (plays)
d) dictionaries

When we 'infer' we use prior information (inference)
a) true
b) false

when we predict - we are basically guessing with NO PRIOR INFORMATION
a) True
b) false

using words like jumbo shrimp, pretty ugly, and almost perfect are
a) characters
b) similes
c) oxymorons
d) metaphors

if the leaves are dancing and my refrigerator is wheezing, I am using
a) metaphors
b) personification
c) oxymorons
d) similes

the framework of ALL FICTION uses
a) none of the below
b) the elements of psychology
c) the elements of science
d) the elements of PLOT

first person point of view uses the pronoun _______ when narrating
a) he, she
b) I
c) they, them
d) him, her

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