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A character who changes is considered
a) dynamic
b) static
c) round
d) flat

A character who DOES NOT CHANGES is considered
a) round
b) dynamic
c) static
d) flat

the character who we want to change in some way is usually
a) the author
b) the foil character
c) the antagonist
d) the protagonist

a foil character to the narrator in "On the Rainy River" is
a) narrator's wife
b) Elroy Berdahl
c) the government
d) the sargeant

a story that includes a young adult struggling with the angst of growing up is
a) a realistic short story
b) a utopia
c) a dystopia
d) a bildungsroman

a regional way of speaking is considered
a) metaphor
b) accent
c) slang
d) dialect

when we are recognizing the simple dictionary definition of a word, we call it
a) diction
b) denotation
c) connotation
d) dialect

words chosen carefully by the author to convey a particular meaning is called
a) dialect
b) empathy
c) diction
d) slang

empathy is when we try to
a) put ourselves in other's shoes
b) ignore them
c) destroy them
d) feel sorry for others

figurative language is considered
a) false
b) connotative
c) denotative
d) an umbrella term for literal language

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