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ClassScape Questions From 8.E.2.1.

A scientist finds an index fossil in layers of rock in both Africa and South America. What does this indicate about the ages of the rocks?
a) The African rock is older.
b) The South American rock is older.
c) The rocks are younger than the fossils.
d) The rocks are approximately the same age.

Which is the most accurate method used in determining the age of a fossil?
a) relative dating
b) geologic column
c) radioactive dating
d) law of superposition

Which are scientists most likely to use to estimate the age of Earth?
a) rock layers
b) soil samples
c) organic fossils
d) water samples

Through relative dating, a geologist finds a fossil that is approximately 10,000 years old. Which radioactive element would the geologist most likely use to accurately calculate th
a) gallium-67 with a half-life of 78 hours
b) carbon-14 with a half-life of 5,700 years
c) plutonium-238 with a half-life of 88 years
d) iodine-129 with a half-life of 16 million years

Scientists uncover mammoth bones and are able to determine the amount of carbon-14 in the bones. Which best explains the use of carbon-14 in studying the mammoth?
a) It identifies the species of mammoth.
b) It identifies the diet of the mammoth.
c) It determines the age of the mammoth.
d) It determines the cause of death of the mammoth.

Which conclusion can be made when observing multiple undisturbed layers of rock?
a) The shallow layers are older than the deeper layers.
b) The deeper layers are older than the shallow layers.
c) The deeper layers are younger than the shallow layers.
d) The shallow layers are the same age as the deeper layers.

Which process would be most effective in determining the age of fossils embedded in rock?
a) relative dating
b) absolute dating
c) use of index fossils
d) use of core sampling

Which best describes the relationship between rock layers and index fossils?
a) Different rock layers contain only specific species of index fossils.
b) Different rock layers can be compared to determine the exact age of index fossils.
c) Different rock layers can be determined to be the same exact age if they contain the same index foss
d) Different rock layers can be determined to be the same relative age if they contain the same index f

Which method of radioactive dating would be most useful in determining the age of a human fossil?
a) carbon-14 method
b) uranium-lead method
c) potassium-argon method
d) rubidium-strontium method

A geologist found 600-year-old sediments below a particular rock layer. Which will the geologist most likely find above the rock layer?
a) 450-year-old sediments
b) 600-year-old sediments
c) 650-year-old sediments
d) 1,000-year-old sediments

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