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What is a change in body form called?
a) life cycle
b) fertilization
c) metamorphosis
d) transformation

What is the passing of traits from parent to offspring?
a) fertilization
b) heredity
c) replication
d) life span

What is a young insect that looks like an adult called?
a) larva
b) pupa
c) egg
d) nymph

How long an animal expects to live is called its
a) life span
b) life cycle
c) heredity
d) inheritance

The production of offspring is called
a) reruns
b) life span
c) reproduction
d) heredityWHat is the female egg required for reproduction called?

What is the female egg required for reproduction called?
a) egg
b) larva
c) nymph
d) embryo

What is a wormlike organism which has a form different from its parent?
a) pupa
b) embryo
c) worm
d) larva

What is a developing animal which is produced by fertilization?
a) nymph
b) embryo
c) egg
d) pupa

The stages of an organism's growth and development is called its
a) life span
b) life timeline
c) phases
d) life cycle

The joining of an egg and a sperm is called
a) pollination
b) joining
c) productivity
d) fertilization

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