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the written language of the Chinese that combined two or more picture symbols to represent an idea
a) Hireoglyphics
b) Pictographs
c) Phongraphs
d) ideographs

Which is not an important invention of the Chinese
a) the printing press
b) gunpowder
c) paper
d) Compass

A seriers of trading routes that streatched from China in Eastern Asia to the Mediterranean Sea
a) Silk Trail
b) Spice Road
c) Silk Road
d) Chinese Path

The most important export of the Ancient Chinese
a) Spices
b) silk
c) Soldiers
d) gunpowder

Some Chinese rulers thought they recieved the right to rule from God thei was known as the
a) Mandate from Heaven
b) Mandate from the diety
c) Mandate from God
d) Allah mandate

The Ancient Civilizations of China developed along which river
a) Haung He or Yellow
b) Yang
c) Indus
d) Nile

A group of rulers that come from the same family
a) family
b) Klan
c) dynasty
d) Social Group

Peopel in Hinduism that are not allowed to be part of any Caste and contact with them is forbidden.
a) Vishnus
b) Brahmans
c) Unthinkables
d) Untouchables

The most important creaton of the Ancient Greeks:
a) Monarchys
b) Dictatorships
c) Democracy
d) Silk

The Greek word for a city state
a) Town
b) Polis
c) Region
d) Acropolis

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