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In the Hindu religion ,In order, which represent
a) Vishnu, Brahama,Siva
b) Aryan, Brahama, Siva
c) Brahama,Siva, Vishnu
d) Brahama, Vishnu,Siva

In ancient India the Highest Caste
a) Untouchable
b) Caste A
c) Nirvana
d) Brahama

A term that means to be reborn
a) Rebirth
b) Reincarnation
c) abortion
d) Born again

The people of Ancient India believed that if a person obeyed the caste system they could be reborn into what?
a) A higher Caste
b) a animal
c) A government Official
d) They did not believe in reincarnation

A strict social class into which people were divided in Ancient India
a) Soscial Contract
b) Dravidian
c) Master Race System
d) Caste System

Lannguage of Ancient India
a) Indian
b) Sanskrit
c) Aryan
d) Assyrian

Early invaders of India that created the Caste System
a) Dravidians
b) Aryans
c) Hindi
d) Budaha

Two well planned cities of the first Ancient Indian Civilizations:
a) Mohenjo and Daro
b) Bagdad and Mohenjo-Daro
c) Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
d) Alexandria and Harappa

The ancient civilization of India developed along what river?
a) Nile
b) Indus
c) Mississippi
d) Tigris

The religion of Ancient India, it believed in reincarnation, the caste system
a) Hindu
b) Buddha
c) Confucanism
d) Catholicism

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