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A Review Of The Characters In Our Stories. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Hazel and George are round characters but remain
a) lonely
b) static
c) flat
d) dynamic

The protagonist in Like the Sun is
a) Hazel
b) Sekhar
c) Mr. Travis
d) the narrator

Eckles would be considered the protagonist of
a) Like the Sun
b) Everyday Use
c) The Sound of Thunder
d) Harrison Bergeron

The protagonist in this story is named momma
a) On the Rainy River
b) Everyday Use
c) Like the Sun
d) Sound of Thunder

Millicent is the protagonist of
a) Sound of Thunder
b) There Will Come Soft Rains
c) Harrison Bergeron
d) Initiation

There Will Come Soft Rains has what kind of narrator?
a) a robot
b) a school
c) a house
d) a human

Tim O'Brien most likely is the narrator of what story?
a) There Will Come Soft Rains
b) On the Rainy River
c) Initiation
d) The Sound of Thunder

In the sound of Thunder, __________ is most likely the antagonist
a) Mr. Travis
b) the other hunters
c) Eckles himself
d) the Brontesaurus

One of the stories is considered a bildungsroman. Which one?
a) Initiation
b) The Sound of Thunder
c) Like the Sun
d) On the Rainy River

The only story that has an elderly woman telling the story is
a) Like the Sun
b) Everyday Use
c) Initiation
d) On the Rainy River

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