Ileap Review 4 World History Question Preview (ID: 13547)

From The Bottom Of Page Three.

Belief in one God
a) Polytheistic
b) Monotheistic
c) Multitheistic
d) theistic

In Hammurabi's Code was each person rich or poor were treated equally?
a) true
b) false

The Key to Hieroglyphic Writing, found by Jean Champolion
a) Rosetta Stone
b) Bethune Rock
c) Sumerian Bolder
d) Phonecian Log

Egyptian writing.
a) Alphabet
b) Sanskrit
c) Cunieform
d) Hieroglyphics

Paper used for Egyptian writing was made of a reed that grew on the banks of the Nile, it was called:
a) cattails
b) King's Toungh
c) Papyrus
d) River Lilly

The name given to the Ruler of Egypt he was god's represenative on earth.
a) King
b) Mufasa
c) Pharaoh
d) Consul

Bodies preserved for burial in ancient Egypt
a) Vampires
b) Mummies
c) Gouls
d) the honored dead

The Egyptians buried their dead with many treasures and everyday objets this lets us know that they believed in what.
a) Many Gods
b) Life after Dath
c) One God
d) only in life on earth

The alphabet we use to day is from what ancient group? It is based on symbols that represent sounds
a) Egyptian
b) Phoenicians
c) Indian
d) Greek

King of Babylon that wrote the first written legal code
a) Nebchadnezzar
b) Hammurabi
c) Solon
d) Darius

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