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You measured an ALL copper (Cu) penny and it weighs 150 grams. How many moles of Cu are in this penny?
a) 1.41 moles of Cu
b) 2.36 moles of Cu
c) 4.63 moles of Cu
d) 9525.02 moles of Cu

You have discovered 1 mol of an unknown substance. When you weigh the substance it weighs exactly 22.990 grams. What element have you found?
a) Ni
b) Ca
c) Na
d) Co

How many moles are in 2.4 x 10^15 particles of NaCl?
a) 14.4 x 10^38 moles of NaCl
b) .4 x 10^-8 particles of NaCl
c) .4 x 10^-8 moles of NaCl
d) 14.4 x 10^38 moles of NaCl

What is the molar mass of Na(CO)2?
a) 78.99 grams / 1 mole of Na(CO)2
b) 35.34 grams / 1 mole of Na(CO)2
c) 66.98 grams / 1 mole of Na(CO)2
d) 101.80 grams / 1 mole of Na(CO)2

How many atoms are in 3.1 moles of Lithium?
a) .51 x 10^-23 moles of Lithium
b) .51 x 10^-23 particles of Lithium
c) 18.66 x 10^23 moles of Lithium
d) 18.66 x 10^23 atoms of Lithium

What is the molar mass of MgNO3 ?
a) 166.31 grams/ 1 mole of MgNO3
b) 86.27 grams/ 1 mole of MgNO3
c) 86.27 mols / gram
d) 162.0 grams/ 1 mole of MgNO3

You have a HUGE pure Aluminum (Al) sword that weighs 430 grams. How many moles of Al make up the sword?
a) 6.02 x 10^23 particles
b) 25 moles of Aluminum
c) 15.95 moles of Aluminum
d) 11601.42 moles of Aluminum

You have 59.0 grams of calcium oxide (CaO). How many moles is this?
a) 3309.1 moles of CaO
b) 1.05 moles of CaO
c) 355.21 x 10^23 moles
d) 12 moles of CaO

You are trying to build a gold metal boat that weighs 125 grams. How many moles of gold (Au) do you need to build your boat?
a) .63 moles of Au
b) 24621.31 moles of Au
c) 752.53 x 10^23 moles of Au
d) 2.52 moles of Au

A clown tells you he needs 15 moles of helium gas to make balloon animals. How much will that gas weigh in grams?
a) 3.8 grams of Helium gas
b) 90.3x10^23 moles of Helium gas
c) 4.5 moles of Helium Gas
d) 60.0 grams of Helium gas

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