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First Aid, Pain Control, Other.

If you find a patient lying on the floor, you should
a) Call 911
b) Get the patient to bed
c) Leave to find the nurse
d) Call for help and stay with the patient

Your home health patient is diabetic; you find him lethargic. He does not remember when he ate. You should
a) Give him orange juice with some sugar in it, and notify the nurse
b) Call the nurse
c) Call 911
d) Do nothing; this is normal

How should you position a resident who is in shock?
a) Feet higher than head
b) Elevate head
c) On the side
d) Sims

Which is true of pain?
a) A person who comlains is faking it
b) Patients should express pain in the same way
c) Each person expresses pain in their own way
d) Pain is objective

The CNA can help a residet sleep by
a) Providing enough blankets
b) Increasing hallway noise
c) Start a fluid restriction in the early morning hours
d) Giving him coffee at bedtime

Dialysis is
a) A way to increase appetite in an anorexic patient
b) A treatment to induce sleep
c) Artificial filtering of the blood for a patient with renal failure
d) Used to prevent muscle atrophy

Proper care of a patient just returning from dialysis would include
a) Monitor vital signs
b) Change the bandage
c) Clean the insertion site
d) Obtain BP in the affected arm

Applications of heat work to
a) Increase circulation to the site
b) Decrease circulation to the site, thus reducing swelling
c) Prevent swelling
d) Increase the risk of burns

What should you do if the patient's IV pump is alarming?
a) Hang a new bag
b) Tell the nurse
c) Push the silence button
d) Unplug the unit

After surgery, it is important to
a) Monitor vital sign
b) Discuss the grief process with the patient
c) Hang a new IV bag
d) Apply a warm compress

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