End Of Life Care Question Preview (ID: 13540)

End Of Life Care.

What agency specializes in caring for residents with terminal illnesses?
c) Hospice
d) Hospital

In which stage of the grief process is a patient likely to yell at you?
a) Anger
b) Denial
c) Bargaining
d) Acceptance

An Advanced Directive that allows a person to specify whether they want life prolonging measures used is called
a) Will
b) Living Will
c) Durable Power Of Attorney
d) Preference Form

In which stage of the grief process would your patient be likely to say, "I'm sure they will find a cure"?
a) Anger
b) Acceptance
c) Barganing
d) Denial

When working with a dying patient the CNA should
a) Avoid talking to him
b) Explain the dying process
c) Provide palliative care
d) Tell him he will get better soon

In which stage of the grief process would a person be withdrawn?
a) Depression
b) Acceptance
c) Denial
d) Bargaining

Caring for the body after death is called
a) Post-mortem care
c) Denial
d) Supportive care

Which is true about the grief process?
a) Crying is unacceptable
b) Residents should be pushed toward acceptance of their condition
c) Each person grieves at his own pace
d) Residents should not be allowed to grieve

Palliative care may also be called
a) Post-mortem care
b) Support therapy
c) Comfort care
d) Behavioral therapy

During the bargaining phase of the grief process, a resident might say
a) Why me?
b) If I am really good, maybe I will get well
c) The doctor is wrong
d) I'd like to see my family one last time

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