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How are intrusive igneous bodies classified
a) size
b) shape
c) relationship to surrounding rock layer
d) all of the answers are correct

The largest intrusive igneous body is called a
a) bathollith
b) stock
c) dike
d) sill

Which type of intrusive features forms when magma is injected into fractures cutting across pre existing rock
a) dike
b) laccolith
c) sill
d) lava plateau

Magma forms when solid rock in the crust and upper mantle melts
a) melts
b) vaporizes
c) crystalized
d) dools

In general, an increase in the confining pressure results in what change in a rocks melting temperature
a) melting temperature increases
b) melting temperature decreases
c) melting temperature stays the same
d) melting temperature is not related to confining pressure

Which of the followig is responsible for the partial melting of rock beneath ocean ridges
a) decrease in pressure
b) increase in pressure
c) increase in temperature
d) chemical reactions with atmospheric oxygen

Magma tends to rise towards Earths surface primarily because
a) rocks become less dense when they melt
b) water is abundant in magma
c) silica is abundant in magma
d) rocks become more dense when they melt

Most of the active volcanoes on EArth are located in a belt known as the
a) Ring of Fire
b) circum Atlantic belt
c) Ring of Lava
d) East African Rift Valley

Which type of alndform develps at plate boundaries where on oceanic plated descends beneath another
a) volcanic island arc
b) rift valley
c) mountain ranges formed by a bathlith
d) lava plateau

Most interaplate volcanic activity occurs where
a) hot mantle plumes rise toward the surface within a plate
b) oceanic plates diverge
c) hot magma descends intoo the mantle under a plate
d) oceanic and continental plates converge

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