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How should you measure output from a foley catheter?
a) Measure urine in a graduate container
b) Use the measurements on the drainage bag
c) Measure the urine in a bedpan
d) Estimate the amount of urine

A clean-catch specimen is also known as a
a) Midpoint specimen
b) Midthigh specimen
c) Midstream specimen
d) Midway specimen

How can you position a resident on a bedpan is she cannot raise her hips?
a) Assist to turn to the side, and position the bedpan
b) Place a pad under her
c) Tell her to urinate onto the incontinence pad
d) Tell the nurse she cannot use the bedpan

Why is it best to avoid using an indwelling catheter unnecessarily?
a) It helps the resident control the bladder
b) It prevents infection and helps tone the bladder
c) It causes resistance to antibiotics
d) It can cause a bladder infection

The urinary drainage bag
a) Should be kept off the floor
b) Should be kept above the level of the bladder
c) Should be emptied every hour
d) Should be sterilized daily

The position for an enema is called
a) Opposition
b) Prone
c) Left sims
d) Supine

An enema is used to
a) Empty the bladder
b) Cleanse the colon
c) Start an IV
d) Prevent incontinence

The opening of an ostomy is called the
a) Stoma
b) Stomach
c) Enema
d) Trachea

You changed the incontinent resident 30 minutes ago, and he is wet again. What should you do?
a) Change him immediately
b) Tell him to wait until your rounds
c) Remind him you just changed him
d) Pretend not to notice

A urine strainer/filter would be used to check for
a) Kidney stones
b) Infection
c) Blood in the stool
d) Hemocult

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