Digital Literacy Terms Question Preview (ID: 13538)

Essential Vocabulary Relating To Digital Literacy.

What is a website that is updated regularly and operates like a journal?
a) blog
b) spam
c) CPU
d) google

What is the central processing unit that carries out the functions in a computer & is nicknamed the brain?
a) UPC
b) software
c) hard drive
d) CPU

What is a type of internet address such as .gov .com .net .edu ?
a) browser
b) search engine
c) server
d) domain name

What are the physical parts of a computer?
a) software
b) hardware
c) operating system
d) applications

What is a group of rules and functions that is used to transfer data over the web?
b) COM
c) WWW

This is the same as HTTP (group of rules for transfering data) however it is secure.
b) WWW

What are a string of numbers that indicate the location of a computer called?
a) Internet
b) IP address
c) Web address
d) Hacker

What is the group of software that gives instructions to the computer on how to operate called?
a) hardware
b) Applications
c) Operating System
d) software

What is the type of computer memory that is temporarily used to allow programs to operate called?
a) ROM
b) RAM
d) RIM

What is a computer program called that locates information on the web?
a) service provider
b) search engine
c) QR code
d) plug-in

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