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This ASL phrase refers to specific attitudes, beliefs, habits, or other characteristics found within Deaf culture as a whole.

People who are Deaf-Blind access print through...
a) Closed Captions
b) Newspapers
c) Magazines
d) Braille

People who are Deaf-Blind access communication through...
a) Tactile Sign Language
b) Closed Captions
c) Video Relay Services
d) Teletypewriters

This is one of the most well-known disabilities within the Deaf community?
a) Blindness
b) Deaf-Blindness
c) Cerebral Palsy
d) Autism

This device bypasses the ear and delivers electrical impulses through a device attached to a person's skull.
a) FM System
b) Hearing Aid
c) Cochlear Implant
d) Video Relay Service

Which of the following does NOT fit with the other options?
a) Cultural Perspective
b) Handicapped Perspective
c) Medical Perspective
d) Pathological Perspective

Which of the following is INCORRECT?
a) WHITE can be interpreted as CAUCASIAN
b) BLACK can be interpreted as AFRICAN-AMERICAN
c) HISPANIC can be interpreted as LATINO/A
d) INDIAN can be interpreted as NATIVE-AMERICAN

The word HANDICAPPED usually refers to functioning related to...
a) a person's ears.
b) a person's legs.
c) a person's eyes.
d) the environment.

Which of the following does NOT represent the models/perspectives of Deafness?
a) Medical Model = CAN'T
b) Pathological Model = CAN'T
c) Cultural Model = CAN
d) Pathological Model = CAN

Many ASL descriptions of hairstyles use which classifier?
a) CL:1
b) CL:2
c) CL:4
d) CL:Base B

Which of the following can make a descriptive sign rude?
a) Describing the person exactly as he/she is.
b) Using a positive facial expression.
c) Using a neutral facial expression.
d) Exaggerating

Which of the following can make a descriptive sign rude?
a) Unflattering Facial Expression
b) Neutral Facial Expression
c) Positive Facial Expression
d) Facial Expression

When describing someone's hair, which grammatical structure should you use?
a) Subject-Verb-Object
b) Topic-Comment
c) Noun-Verb Pair
d) Nonmanual Markers

How do you sign DISABILITY?
a) Fingerspell DI
b) Fingerspell DA
c) Fingerspell DS
d) Fingerspell DY

How do you sign HANDICAPPED?
a) Use the sign for WHEELCHAIR.
b) Fingerspell HA
c) Fingerspell HC
d) Fingerspell HD

All of these body parts should be pointed to, EXCEPT...
a) eyes
b) ears
c) hands
d) nose

Which is the first thing that you should mention when describing someone in ASL?
a) Height
b) Ethnicity/Race
c) Body Type
d) Gender

BIG-HEAD can describe someone who is all of the following, EXCEPT...
a) Arrogant
b) Humble
c) Over-confident
d) Self-absorbed

Which of the following could NOT be produced by changing the location for the sign HURT?

Which of the following could NOT be signed using CL:4?

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