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Large particles of hardened lava ejected from a volcano are called
a) blocks
b) lapilli
c) cinders
d) bombs

What is the most abundant gas associated with volcanic activity
a) water vapor
b) chlorine
c) sulfur oxide
d) carbon dioxide

The broad, slightly dome shaped volcanoes of Hawaii are
a) shield volcanoes
b) composite cone volcanoes
c) pyroclastic volcanoes
d) cinder cone volcanoes

A volcanoe that is failry symmetrical and has both layers of lava and pyroclastic deposit is a
a) composite cone volcano
b) shield volcano
c) pyroclastic volcano
d) cinder cone volcano

Which of the following plays a major part in determining the form of a volcano
a) magma composition
b) nearness of other volcanoes
c) elevation above sea level
d) type of volcano

A caldera is
a) large depression in a volcano
b) violent volcanic eruption
c) type of volcano
d) very large volcanic bomb

Lava plateaus from when
a) fluid basalltic lava flows out of fissures
b) the top of a vocano collapses
c) lahars create new landforms
d) pyroclastic flows erupt from volcanoes

The volcanic landform that is formed when the more resistant volcanic pipe remains after most of the cone has been eroded is called
a) a volcanic neck
b) a volcanic vent
c) lahar
d) caldera

Crater Lake in Oregon was produced when
a) the summit of a volcano collapsed
b) a lava dam blocked a river
c) a large explosion blew out the side of a large volcano
d) a lava flow erupted from a volcano

The greatest volume of volcanic material is produced by
a) fissure erruptions
b) cinder cones
c) shield volcanoes
d) composite cones

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