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Which is the correct order from smallest to largest?
a) Solar System, Planet, Universe, Galaxy
b) Planet, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe
c) Far out man
d) ?

What's the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy?
a) Elliptical
b) Irregular
c) Candy Bar Like
d) Spiral

How is the Earth similar to a magnet on your refrigerator?
a) It has both a north and south pole
b) It has a picture on it
c) It is made of rock
d) It also hold up your good test papers

Polaris does not move in the nighttime sky....Why?
a) It is aligned with the equator
b) It is weird that way
c) It is aligned with our North Pole
d) Because it is the only one that actually doesn't move.

What is a good explanation for the Earth's magnetic field?
a) Polaris
b) The moon phases
c) The rotation and iron core
d) The sun's energy

Why do the stars appear to move throughout the nighttime sky?
a) They are moving
b) The Earth is rotating on its axis
c) It is always cloudy where I live, so I have no idea
d) What are stars?

Why does a comets speed increase as it approaches the sun?
a) It is traveling downhill
b) The increase in gravitational force between the sun and the comet
c) The wind
d) It's gets really excited

Why can we not see the entire Milky Way galaxy?
a) We are located in one of the spiral arms...and it is sooo big
b) We can see it all
c) The moon blocks our view
d) I don't live in the Milky Way

What three planets contain the most mass?
a) Earth, Mars, Venus
b) Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune
c) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
d) Pluto, Earth, Mars

NASA is an example of both risk and _______________
a) Risk
b) Benefit/Reward
c) Always finding success
d) ?

The production of energy at the sun is most similar to a __________.
a) Nuclear Bomb
b) Campfire
c) Volcano
d) Wizard's magic

What does Jupiter have that is similar to Earth?
a) Size
b) # of Moons
c) Stormy weather
d) A cool name

How does the sun create energy?
a) Gravitational forces
b) Nuclear Fusion
c) Chemical Reaction
d) Through unicorn power

What is the best description of the Earth's rotation and orbit?
a) The Earth rotates once a year and orbits the sun once a year.
b) The Earth rotates once a day and orbits the sun once a day.
c) The Earth rotates once a day and orbits the sun once a year
d) Who knows...I just live on it.

What direction does a compass needle point?
a) East
b) West
c) Up
d) North

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