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How does the age of the seafloor sediments change with increasing distance from the ocean ridge
a) age increases
b) age decreases
c) age stays the same
d) age varies without a pattern

The main source of downwarnd convective flow in the mantle is called
a) ridge pull
b) slab pull
c) slab push
d) ridge push

The downward sliding characteristic of ridge push is the result of
a) gravity
b) uneven heat distribution
c) paleomagnetism
d) continental rifting

The thermal convection that drives plate motion is caused by
a) an unequal distribution of heat
b) seafloor spreading
c) gravity
d) subduction

According to whole mantle convection
a) slabs of cold oceanic lithosphere move down and into the lower mantle
b) small amounts of material from the lower mantle move upward to the surface
c) large chunks of continental crust are pulled down into the lower mantle
d) material from the inner core rises into the mantle to form super hot plumes

A magmas viscosity is directly related to its
a) silica content
b) depth
c) color
d) age

Which of the following factors help determin whether a volcanic eruption will be violent of relatively quiet
a) all the answers listed
b) amount of dissolved gases in the magma
c) temperature of the magma
d) composition of the magma

As the temperature of lava increases
a) its viscosity decreases
b) its viscosity increases
c) it hardens
d) it can flow a shorter distance

Highly explosive volcanoes tend to have what type of magma?
a) magma with high silica, high viscosity, and higher gas content
b) magma with low silica, low viscosity, and lower gas content
c) magma with low silica, high viscosity, and lower gas content
d) magma with no silica, high viscosity, and no gas content

A volcanic bomb is a
a) piece of semi mmolten rock ejected as glowing lava
b) very violent volcanic eruption
c) pocket of gas that is relleased suddenly
d) tiny particle of ejected rock less than 64mm in size

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